Ads e Search sono aree differenti

Matt Cutts, come tutti saprete già, è in pausa di riflessione. Qualche giorno fa è tornato a pubblicare un articolo sul suo blog e nei commenti siamo alle solite, ma c’è un commento di Cutts che è bene prendere e incollare qui.

Riguarda la separazione tra Search e Ads (AdWords).

Hey Mark, I saw your comment on a different post about still finding ads for (say) buying PageRank or links, and I wanted to provide some context on that. The main thing I’d say is that ads and search are different areas, and the search folks don’t really talk to the ads folks that much.
So the highest priority for the search folks was solving issues like paid links that pass PageRank. Only later did we talk to the ads folks about disabling ads like that. Then you wouldn’t be surprised that some SEOs tried to get around those ad blocks by targeting different keywords, or tweaking their ad text to claim that their services wouldn’t violate Google’s guidelines.
Our highest priority was always to fix the issue in search, since that’s where we could have the most visible impact. But I take your point, and if I talk to someone on the search side, I’ll ask whether they can follow up and check on ads for some of the phrases that you mentioned. Thanks for mentioning it, and sorry that I didn’t give a fuller reply (or approve your comment) earlier.
By the way, if you’re seeing someone attempting to game Google with spammy link networks in your space, I’d be more than happy to pass on any details or feedback to the webspam analysts and check into what’s going on there.

Matt Cutts – November 16, 2014 at 3:45 am –

Sarebbe interessante anche sapere cosa ne pensa Cutts della possibilità di fare AdWords su nome brand altrui. Tanto per dire.

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